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dreams fellow wives months. weeks. days. til i get to you the manual Future Nascar Wives Club
The Future Nascar Wives of America
Where Girls Dream to be Women of Fast Men
August 22, 2004 :: Race 23 of 36

Fin::Car #::Driver::Make::Sponsor

1::#16::Greg Biffle::Ford::National Guard/The Flash
4::#42::Jamie McMurray::Dodge::Texaco/Havoline
5::#9::Kasey Kahne::Dodge::Dodge Dealers/UAW
11::#19 Jeremy Mayfield::Dodge::Dodge Dealers/UAW
14::#12::Ryan Newman::Dodge::Justice League/ALLTEL
16::#29::Kevin Harvick::Chevrolet::GM Goodwrench
17::#15::Michael Waltrip::Chevrolet::NAPA Auto Parts
20::#41::Casey Mears::Dodge::Target
21::#8::Dale Earnhardt Jr.::Chevrolet::Budweiser
25::#31::Robby Gordon::Chevrolet::Cingular Wireless
26::#18:Bobby Labonte::Chevrolet::Wellbutrin XL
30::#0::Ward Burton::Chevrolet::NetZero HiSpeed
32::#38::Elliott Sadler::Ford::M&M's
33::#77::Brendan Gaughan::Dodge::Kodak/Jasper Engines
36::#2::Rusty Wallace::Dodge::Miller Lite

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Sirius at the Glen::Watkins Glen International::Race 22 of 36

3::Dale Earnhardt Jr.::3015
6::Elliott Sadler::2792
8::Kevin Harvick::2717
9::Bobby Labonte::2714
10::Jeremy Mayfield::2656
11::Kasey Kahne::2632
12::Ryan Newman::2627
15::Jamie McMurray::2557
16::Casey Mears::2452
17::Michael Waltrip::2371
18::Rusty Wallace::2362
19::Robby Gordon::2289
24::Greg Biffle::2232
28::Ward Burton::1981
29::Brendan Gaughan::1881

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August 15, 2004 :: Race 22 of 36

Fin::Car #::Driver::Make::Sponsor

4::#41::Casey Mears::Dodge::Target
5::#8::Dale Earnhardt Jr.::Chevrolet::Budweiser
6::#29::Kevin Harvick::Chevrolet::GM Goodwrench
7::#19::Jeremy Mayfield::Dodge::Dodge Dealers/UAW
11::#18::Bobby Labonte::Chevrolet::Interstate Batteries
13::#42::Jamie McMurray::Dodge::Texaco/Havoline
14::#9::Kasey Kahne::Dodge:Dodge Dealers/UAW
15::#38::Elliott Sadler::Ford::M&M's
16::#31::Robby Gordon::Chevrolet::Cingular Wireless
20::#15::Michael Waltrip::Chevrolet::NAPA Auto Parts
25::#2::Rusty Wallace::Dodge::Miller Lite
26::#12 Ryan Newman::Dodge::ALLTEL
34::#77::Brendan Gaughan::Dodge::Kodak/Jasper Engines
35::Greg Biffle::Ford :: National Guard
37::#0::Ward Burton::Chevrolet::NetZero HiSpeed

::In other racing news, A.j. Foyt IV finished 18th in the Kentucky Speedway::Belterra Indy 300 in his Conseco No. 14 Dallara/Toyota/Firestone::

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Brickyard 400::Indianapolis Motor Speedway::Race 21 of 36

3::Dale Earnhardt Jr.::2855
6::Elliott Sadler::2674
8::Bobby Labonte::2584
9::Kevin Harvick::2562
10::Ryan Newman::2542
11::Kasey Kahne::2511
12::Jeremy Mayfield::2510
14::Jamie McMurray::2433
16::Casey Mears::2287
17::Rusty Wallace::2274
18::Michael Waltrip::2268
21::Greg Biffle::2174
23::Robby Gordon::2169
27::Ward Burton::1929
29::Brendan Gaughan::1815

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August 8, 2004 :: Race 21 of 36

Fin::Car #::Driver::Make::Sponser

3::#38::Elliott Sadler::Ford::M&M's
4::#9::Kasey Kahne::Dodge:Dodge Dealers/UAW
6::Greg Biffle::Ford :: National Guard
7::#42::Jamie McMurray::Dodge::Texaco/Havoline
8::#29::Kevin Harvick::Chevrolet::GM Goodwrench
11::#19::Jeremy Mayfield::Dodge::Dodge Dealers/UAW
13::#2::Rusty Wallace::Dodge::Miller Lite
15::#18::Bobby Labonte::Chevrolet::Interstate Batteries
20::#15::Michael Waltrip::Chevrolet::NAPA Auto Parts
22::#31::Robby Gordon::Chevrolet::Cingular Wireless
26::#41 Casey Mears::Dodge::Target
27::#8::Dale Earnhardt Jr.::Chevrolet::Budweiser
31::#12 Ryan Newman::Dodge::ALLTEL
35::#77::Brendan Gaughan::Dodge::Kodak/Jasper Engines
39::#0::Ward Burton::Chevrolet::NetZero HiSpeed

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Camryn’s Bio:: (Be sure to read it all, it’s hot. And
all opinions are just that, OPINIONS)

The boring stuff::
My favorite color is Pink, until race day, when it
becomes Red! (And not for Jr.) I am a college student,
but only until that race car driver comes along! My
favorite T.V. show is/was Sex and the City. Carrie
Bradshaw is my idol; I plan to one day model my life
after hers…kind of. My favorite movies are Breakfast
at Tiffany’s, Scarface, and Days of Thunder (come on,
that movie is hot). My favorite car’s are ‘67
Mustangs, Audi TT coupe convertibles, and the Porche
Cayanne. My favorite designers are Emilio Pucci and
Donnatella Versace.

…because none of this is important, I am going to move
on to the important things in life!
::My favorite NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers are Kasey
Kahne, Ward Burton, Jeremy Mayfield, Robby Gordon, and
Ryan Newman.
My favorite Busch Series drivers are Martin Truex Jr.,
David Stremme, KASEY KAHNE!, and sometimes Shane
Most importantly, my favorite open-wheel racer is A.J.
Foyt IV, aaaaahhhhhhh.
The hottest thing on race day, other than Kasey Kahne,
is definitely the checkered flag, and the gentleman
starting their engines.
My future plans include being a NASCAR wife, wearing
Pucci, and making little NASCAR babies (they will also
be wearing Pucci). If the NASCAR wife thing doesn't pan out, could someone please let Dierks Bentley know I'm free?

I hope you came away from reading this bio feeling
like you know more about me, because that is basically
the only thing it can do for you.

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Tune: Dierks Bentley

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i may be new to the nascar thing but ... i am going at this full force ... but before i tell you about that ... i must share a little about me ... my favorite colors are blue and green (red on sunday -- will explain later) ... i love the outdoors ... walking ... graphic art ... writing ... and music ... my favorite ice cream flavor is karmal sutra ... well on to the real reason im here ... nascar and the fast men that make it possible ... i have only been a fan for about two months ... and its all because of one man ... the rookie ... kasey kahne ... i was introduced to him via camryn ... i must admit i thought he was cute ... then someone i know met him and when i found that out i was gone ... now i spend the days of my life ... dreaming to be a nascar wife ... i must admit im partial to the evernham crew ... b/c of a driver named kahne ... i love him from those blue eyes down his (now dont be nasty -- i was thinking his matching red and white shoes) would not mind having those under my bed .. eh hmm ... and ray and tommy and jeremy and you cant forget bill ... i had the opportunity to meet them and wow ... tommy is a sexy man ... hence the name big daddy ... i also enjoy watching michael "mikey" waltrip ... robby "commando" gordon ... and a few others listed in the our men of nascar guide ... love many ... partial to few ... inside nascar and nbs 24/7 live forever in my heart ... speaking of nbs ... go stremme ... we gotta stop the apologizing and truex ... you renagade ... go the distance ... the hottest thing on race day is restarts and post race kasey (i would love to see post sex kasey but you know how that goes -- so post race kasey is good enough for now) well enough about me ... come enjoy your stay and we am allowed to say what we want ... we own this community ... and they are merely opinions and this is a free world where girls dream to be women of fast men !!!

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Tune: i go back -- KC (kenny chesney -- i just want y'all to say 'kasey'

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3 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2773
6 Elliott Sadler 2504
8 Ryan Newman 2472
9 Bobby Labonte 2466
10 Kevin Harvick 2420
11 Jeremy Mayfield 2380
12 Kasey Kahne 2351
15 Jamie McMurray 2287
16 Casey Mears 2197
17 Michael Waltrip 2165
20 Rusty Wallace 2150
22 Robby Gordon 2072
23 Greg Biffle 2024
27 Ward Burto 1883
29Brendan Gaughan 1757

*Here at "Future Nascar Wives of America", we don't like to play favorites, but I would like to personally say: GO KASEY!*

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Pennsylvania 500 | Pocono Raceway
August 1, 2004 | Race 20 of 36
Fin :: Car# :: Driver :: Make :: Sponser

3 :: #9 :: Kasey Kahne :: Dodge :: Dodge Dealers/UAW
4 :: #16 :: Greg Biffle :: Ford :: National Guard
7 :: #31 :: Robby Gordon :: Chevrolet :: Cingular Wireless
9 :: #19 :: Jeremy Mayfield :: Dodge :: Dodge Dealers/UAW
10 :: #38 :: Elliot Sadler :: Ford :: M&M'S
13 :: #12 :: Ryan Newman :: Dodge :: Alltel
17 :: #2 :: Rusty Wallace :: Dodge :: Miller Lite
18 :: #41 :: Casey Mears :: Dodge :: Target
25 :: #8 :: Dale Earnhardt Jr. :: Chevrolet :: Budwieser
28 :: #77 :: Brendan Gaughan :: Dodge :: Kodak
29 :: #18 ::Bobby Labonte :: Chevrolet :: Interstate Batteries
30 :: #42 :: Jamie McMurray :: Dodge :: Texaco
31 :: #0 :: Ward Burton :: Chevrolet :: NetZero
32 :: #29 :: Kevin Harvick :: Chevrolet :: GM/Goodwrench
36 :: #15 :: Michael Waltrip :: Chevrolet :: Napa Autoparts


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... Enjoy The Ride !!! But before we go any futher we post this --


we are in no way or will be stalkers of any member of the NASCAR organization :: this is our little way to release our infatuations with the men of speed :: we know there really is no way that we will have any real "personal" connection with any of the men represented in this community :: this is purely for entertainment -- until we have the ring :: so let's begin this journey with the four famous words of of racing :: gentleman start your engines -- because we know these men start ours !!!

-camryn & madison

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